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​​Lanoptik Non-cooled CCD Camera for Low Light Applications

November 14, 2012, Guangzhou

Cooled CCD camera has good SNR with long exposure. This feature makes it widely used in fields of low light application such as fluorescence imaging, astronomical photography, chemiluminescence, scientific research and so on. But cooled CCD camera also has many points that make users have a headache. It is very expensive, bulky, easy damaged by moisture condensation and must be plug-in high-power refrigeration power (This means users must carry heavy batteries for outdoor use.). So, is it really need refrigeration under long time exposure? After a long time research, Lanoptik Technologies has successfully broken through the technical difficulties of SNR reducing under long time exposure and this is a real surprise to the industry.

Below are the images (Figure 2 & Figure 3) comparison of 3 brands of CCD camera equipped with high sensitive monochrome CCD SONY ICX285. The left image is taken by Lanoptik's un-cooling camera MCX151M (Figure 1), the middle one is taken by a cooled CCD camera made in China, and the right one is taken by non-cooled CCD camera Made in Germany. Among of them, the cooled camera makes CCD’s temperature 0”C and the other two is without refrigeration.

Comparison I

Exposure Time: 60 seconds;

Illuminance: 0.06 lux;

Aperture: F16;

Ambient Temperature: 25℃;

Frame Rate: 7.5 fps

Comparison II

Exposure Time: 120 seconds;

Illuminance: 0.03lux;