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Lanoptik Released New Generation Microscope Camera

January 28, 2015, Guangzhou

Lanoptik Technologies is pleased to announce worldwide release of the Vivid series microscope cameras, the new generation USB 2.0 microscope camera of its product family. 

As the development of the science research and industry, the laboratory has higher and higher requirement of microscope imaging system. While under the current environment of the world economic downturn, people is becoming more and more sensitive to the price of related instrument.

The development of Vivid series microscope cameras builds on the revolutionary improvements to microscopy imaging and analysis. Comparing with the old generation Lanoptik cameras, the biggest difference of the Vivid camera is employing a unique algorithm aiming to enhance color reproduction and auto white balance. On the side of hardware, ISP is also optimized. With this effort, the performance of Vivid camera is all-around improved. Whether in color, definition, noise, frame rate and the stability of transmission, Vivid camera is enough to give users a big surprise.

Vivid series microscope cameras are still equipped with Aptina CMOS sensors, including 3 megapixel, 5 megapixel and 10 megapixel. For Rapid series USB 3.0 microscope cameras have included 14 megapixel MDY1401, which is up to 12fps at full resolution, Lanoptik did not add MT9F002 to Vivid series this time. In the assembly, the new design of the whole seal dust-proof base technology is used to ensure completely no dust on the sensor. The square spiral groove on the stand can also help to eliminate the stray light, and makes the image more fully fine.


Vivid camera is about 250 grams. A rugged aluminium hexagon black housing makes it appropriate for use in both scientific and industrial environments, and will provide years of trouble-free operation. Plug and play USB 2.0 port makes it also easy to install and use. The included stainless steel C ring will mate to a standard C-mount adapter, transforming an ordinary microscope into a multimedia demonstration, analysis and documentation platform.

In order to maximize the satisfaction of the users in the requirements such as calibration, measurement, marking, time-lapse etc., iWorks Ex will be as bundled with Vivid cameras. We believe that the user-friendly iWorks software will further enhance the user experience of the Vivid series microscope camera.To find out more and discuss how Vivid cameras can help your laboratory please contact your local distributor or Lanoptik representative.

Lanoptik Released New Generation Microscope Camera